TV Crew has Best Finish in School History at the 2019 SSC Awards


Sample Staff Member

Congratulations to the Astroworld Media TV Crew for the best finish ever at the SSC Regional awards.  On April 4, 2019, the crew had a record-breaking finish at the 12th annual South Suburban College High School Video Awards.  The awards:

1st Place – Best Promo by “We are Shepard” Joe Walsh
1st Place – Best Music Video “Laundry” by Joe Walsh & RJ Martinez
2nd Place – PSA “Tell Me Your Story” by Lavontae Morrow
2nd Place – Newscast “Astroworld Media” by Lavontae Morrow, Meagan Ruger-Smith, Ryan Wyrobek
2nd Place –  Creative Edit “AI” by Joe Walsh
3rd Place – Creative Edit “Man Up” by Lavontae Morrow