• March 2State Competition is 4/24/20
  • January 3SSC Regionals Competition is 4/2/20
Joe Walsh
This is Joe’s third year working in the Astroworld Media TV Studio. His passion for editing began in 6th grade after experimenting with his school’s laptop. He made a YouTube channel to work on his craft by making videos in 2016. By the time he was a sophomore he knew that editing was something he wanted to do for a living. Junior year was the first time that Joe would be introduced into video competitions. Teaming up with director and RJ Martinez and artist Justin Sostand, the trio won 1st place at the SSC High School Video Competition with their music video, “Laundry”. Joe also won 1st place for his school promo and 2nd for a last second Creative Edit. This was the first time a Shepard student won first place from ANY competition. 

With only one year left Joe Walsh hopes that his team can finish strong and bring home even more silverware.

Joe Walsh, Reporter

Joe Walsh